Open Sustainability Event

September16-20Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

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Participants will have the opportunity to become members of Départ de Sentier.

Venue Details

Quick Directions to the venue location

Here's a quick guide on how to reach the locations of the conference. Please look at the Venue Details for more information

Hackathon location

The hackathon of Sept. 16, 17, will be held on the Belvaux building of LIST, rooms F011-A and F011-B:

41 rue du Brill
L-4422 Belvaux

Tel. : +352 275 888 1

Directions to hackathon location (Belvaux building of LIST)

Conference location

The Conference of Sept. 18, 19 and 20 will be held ond the Ellipse room of Learning Center

🌱👩‍💻 Brightcon 2023 - Registration and Talk Submission Now Open ! 🌍🌿

The theme this year is "Broad Open Sustainability Community", and we invite submissions for talks, demonstrations, and special sessions. We especially encourage talk submissions from LCA-adjacent domains, such as MFA, IO, and Industrial Ecology. As software developers and sustainability experts, the open sustainability community has an immense power in shaping a sustainable future for our planet. At Brightcon 2023, we are committed to exploring innovative ways to combine our technical expertise with environmental consciousness.

As in previous years, all talks and sessions should be interactive, with Jupyter Notebooks or similar technologies used so that the audience can follow along and explore your awesome software and data. This also makes for a fantastic experience for those attending, as each talk bridges theory with practice and directly engages the audience. You can see talk materials from last year online .

On September 16 & 17, we will have a hackathon with the HESTIA team . HESTIA provides detailed and validated activity data on agriculture and food supply chains (currently the data are from more than 400 published studies and 35,000 farms). HESTIA also makes available nearly 500 models to gap fill farm activity data (e.g., to quantify ruminant grass consumption), to estimate agricultural emissions (e.g., N2O emissions related to fertiliser application), and to quantify resource uses. It is an open-source, open-access project and still in the development and testing stage, but is already the largest open dataset and model archive in this area. In the hackathon we will focus on integrating HESTIA with open LCA software, and simplifying the process of entering data into HESTIA.

The conference itself will take place from September 18-20, and will be a mix of talks, special sessions, and short courses. Being there in person is a lot of fun, but this year, with support from ecoinvent, we are also offering online attendance. Physical attendance is limited to 80 people, and we expect it to sell out, as it did last year.

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Images from Brightcon 2022

Testimonials from Brightcon 2022

Agneta GHOSE

Assistant Professor at Aalborg University

I attended BrightCon 2022 as a member of a panel discussion on semantic technologies in LCA. From my experience, BrightCon has been a great space to foster collaboration, learning and networking. Brightway users whilst growing is still a small community within LCA practitioners. BrightCon creates a space that gives its community the opportunity to engage in building a resourceful network. I had the chance to meet representatives from the UNEP GLAD initiative at BrightCon last year and we are currently working on creating workflows for FAIR data sharing. Besides networking, I found all presentations were thought-provoking, engaging, and delivered with passion. It was evident that the speakers were genuinely invested in the open software movement and eager to share their knowledge and experiences. The knowledge I gained, and the overall experience exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend to anyone interested in contributing to the use of open software in LCA as well as those eager to share their knowledge and experiences


Research associate at the Department of Resource Management and Waste Management, University of Kassel

The Brightcon 2022 provided a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into Brightway and its latest features through a diverse program consisting of classes, conference sessions, and an engaging hackathon. Connecting with the kind, welcoming, and supportive Brightway community was a true highlight, making the Brightcon all the more enjoyable.

Silvana Ovait

Researcher | Bifacial PV Analyst at NREL

Brighton is an excellent conference that brings together the research and methods that are pushing the boundaries (pun intended) of how LCA is performed. The open-source aspect of the tool (Brightways) and of how the conference itself was ran and organized made it a great learning experience, hands-on and approachable. I really recommend attending and taking advantage of the tutorials, and the various interaction sessions such as the ‘HELP – I need somebody’ session and the Hackathons, were you can explore with more depth some of your own questions and tie it all together with the community’s help.

Miguel Fernandez Astudillo

Sustainability engineer | Researcher | Data Scientist

The sustainability challenges of today need open science. Solutions need to be reproducible (hence credible), robust and reusable. The Brightcon conference is a fantastic gathering to push in this direction. It combines cutting edge research in industrial ecology, with best practices in scientific computing, and a motivated community. I highly recommended it!

Anna Sander-Titgemeyer

LCA Practitioner

As an LCA practitioner, I really enjoyed Brightcon because I could grasp a bit of what is going on 'behind the scenes' of the software we use daily. It was a great pleasure to talk to all the people who work on the software to improve its usability. So take the chance and go to Brightcon to contribute to a software development that fulfils the practitioner's needs.